Everyone has a different take on what makes a great head shot. A head shot is 1 of 2 most important tools for a working actor.
A worthy head shot is a clear digital image of your face and upper body area. Clients don’t want to see silly poses, hats, sunglasses, costumes etc.  They just want to see your face hair and shoulders. Let us give you a head shot you can use!

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Did your agent call and ask you for a video audition to be submitted by 4pm today?! Let us help you get that audition in on time!
Need some coaching so you don’t bomb this opportunity? We can help you with that too.  Just call us to schedule your taping and request 30-60 minutes of coaching time along with your self taping. Special rates apply for talent who are part of the Chaos Team.  Submit a “Talent Profile” today and get the perks you deserve.
**Self Taping service may not be available due to a conflict of studio scheduling, but we will do our best to get you in.

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Chaos Made offers Actor Self Tape Services

Acting Self Tapes

Acting Resume Review

Your resume tells a client everything they need to know about you as a professional performer. A proper resume is the other most important tool for a working actor.
Potential clients look at your resume for your successes, where you are from, where you have been, what you have done, characters you’ve played, director and producers you’ve worked with, teachers you’ve had, where you have studied, etc.

Schedule your appointment today and let us review and revise your resume!

Actor Coaching

Don’t blow your audition, and get a little coaching for that role you want so badly!
Call us to register for a private coaching session. We can also coach an actor/actress individually outside of self taping.  We teach actors to work with green screens and tele-prompters, multi-camera blocking, preparing them to better work on camera and with directors and run dialogue fur auditions.

New Talent Consultations

Fill out the Talent Submission Form and we will schedule a consultation with you.  We will be brutally honest, but if you have the skills it takes to be an actor/actress/model we will refer you to the top agencies in Florida.
If  you don’t have quite have it all together yet, that’s okay too.  We will guide you to the next steps you need to take.
**By filling out the form we can keep you on file for in-house productions that you may be a fit for at our studio.  See link below

Talent Management

Let us help you better market yourself as a working actor. We can help you with every aspect of your career even website development. Call us today and see if we are the right fit for you 954.695.3800